Do you provide free consultations?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Unlike other attorneys, I attempt to gather as much information as possible at the initial consultation saving you money before you retain my services. I also provide valuable advice should you wish to represent yourself or the consultation with me answered your legal questions and representation was not yet necessary. Sometimes you just want advice to see if you have a case or in the event, you were thinking about divorcing your spouse but not quite ready would want to know what to do to prepare for a divorce.

What are the hourly rates for you and the other people working on my case?

$350.00 per hour for myself, $200.00 per hour for of counsel and/or associates and $125.00 for paralegal time.

Do you require a retainer?

Yes. A retainer agreement is a legal contract which outlines the rights and responsibilities of representation for both myself and the client.  NYS requires that all clients sign and acknowledge receipt of the client’s rights and responsibilities both at the initial consultation and upon retaining legal services.

Are there any additional charges I should expect?

Yes. (Additional charges could include private investigators, forensic accountants, physicians, psychologists, and service of process).

Assuming things run smoothly, what will the total divorce cost me?

The average minimum retainer for divorce is $3,500.00. I take out of the retainer the costs for filing fees and service of process. A range of what a typical divorce could cost would be from $3,500.00 through $5,000.00. To keep costs down during a divorce, I provide all clients with an outline of what to expect at each stage of the process. Each client also has access to the secured portal in which reminders are sent directly to them providing them with information of what tasks are due next as well as upcoming court appearances.

The total costs of Family Law matters range from $1,500.00 and up depending up the complexity of the issue including the type of matter involving child or spousal support, custody or a family offense.

The total costs of a Supreme Court post-judgment motion range from $1,500.00 and on up which also depend upon the complexity of the issue.

I generally do not take appeals as they are extremely time consuming but refer them to two appellate attorneys that are highly qualified and capable of seeing your appeal from the initial notice of appeal to preparing the record of appeal to drafting the appeal to arguing the appeal at the Appellate level.

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