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Father’s rights representation is not a gimmick.

Child Support

You will hear a lot of people saying it is just a calculation, but it is not. There are a lot of elements and or factors that may be considered by the Court to deviate from what is regarded as the presumptuously correct amount of child support based upon the Child Support Standards Act. The percentages start at 17% for one child, 25% for two children, 29% for three children and up. This area of law is highly complicated, and it is case specific. At my consultation with you, I will be able to provide you with my input, upon reviewing the necessary financial documentation, as to what your best course of action would be.

Spousal Support


The laws of spousal maintenance have become complicated due to the recent changes in tax law where the spouse, who is required to pay spousal maintenance, is no longer able to deduct this amount from his or her gross taxable income. My term for it is adult child support, as it is no longer a taxable event for the spouse receiving maintenance. At your initial meeting with me along with a review of your financial documents and knowing a bit of your background, I will be able to determine potential maintenance awards as well as the possible duration. Again, spousal maintenance is case specific, and each case is different due to the unique financial factors.

Family Offense

“Orders of Protection”

This is my least favorite area of law in that anybody can make allegations rising to the level in which a Judge will grant a temporary order of protection. A Family or Supreme Court can issue an Order of Protection in a civil action. It can be a full stay away or a partial one in which you must refrain from behaving in a certain manner. Family Offenses are quasi-criminal in nature. Once one ensues, you must be careful NOT to violate it because then you may be criminally charged for contempt. If you violate the order of protection and have been criminally charged with contempt, you must seek legal counsel. I do not practice criminal law unless it is associated with a family law or supreme court matter. Many orders of protection are used to get a spouse or significant other out of a residence to get a leg up on litigation. I have a different approach in resolving these criminal matters and will discuss your options at your consultation.

Child Custody

I believe the holy grail of any custody case is where both parents can see past their differences and are willing to co-parent their children. This is not the norm for if it were, I would be out of business. My goal is for the best option to happen because society would be a better and happier place if children had both families in their lives. I approach custody cases in both family and matrimonial cases differently than any other attorney as I do advocate primarily for fathers. Unlike mothers, fathers that I have represented in the past and the present always say the same thing “I do not want to take the children away from their mother.” Sadly, the mothers on the other side of these cases do not feel the same way. Men, in general, do not like conflict. I act as your conflict shield and will advise you of the best course of action so that you can be a parent to your child during the grueling process, where your emotions will be on high alert and be hurt in the process. I take a strategic approach and always think ahead even after the litigation ends. I do have a reputation that I am going to be the one driving the bus because I have planned out your case so that you will be on course to reach your desired results. This may not be for everyone, but I have represented many satisfied clients. Always use caution when choosing to drive your own bus….

Matrimonial Action


It is a shame that most marriages today end in divorce. A divorce is primarily about the division of assets and liabilities. It is all about the money. Everything has a dollar value, including your spouse, children, and your assets. Sad, but true. A divorce requires an attorney to be knowledgeable in many areas of law, and you need to be able to put together a highly complex action plan so that the final resolution of your divorce is fair and just. A lot of men that I have represented on post-divorce motions complain about their divorce resolution being one-sided. I will guide you and make sure that your position is presented throughout the divorce process.

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